September CHILL

Now, let's see if I can really make every single one of these to enjoy at home!
Cold has descended upon the Seattle area. &nbsp;One minute it was breezy, crisp, and feeling very autumn, the leaves rich with color and full on trees...And then, what seemed like a nanosecond later, trees are bare, and streets are carpeted with yellowy red mulch, and a wintry chill hangs in the air. &nbsp;Yesterday, the temperature read 32 degrees, but skies were dry. &nbsp;Not quite snow season, but getting close. Now, I realize this may not be considered cold in your neck of the woods, but winter boots, scarves, and puffy coat weather has arrived here. <br />
<br />
I'm currently enjoying a four-day weekend off school, thanks to Veterans day and a parent/teacher conference day that I opted to not use (having done all of mine before/after school in recent weeks). &nbsp;I've spent the morning combing my stack of fall magazines that usually sit idly as I can never fi…